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About Us

Risk Performance Ltd is a company specialising in providing training and consultancy services, risk management and bid management. With over 20 years experience and first class associates in related fields, Risk Management Ltd provides a range of consultancy services with the following aims for your organisation:

Risk Performance Ltd is owned and managed by Keith Gray. Keith has worked for over 30 years in the UK Defence Industry, contributing to the success of major projects, developing and applying risk management processes and achieving an impressive record on bids for new work.

Clients include suppliers of risk management training and consultancy software to blue chip companies and suppliers of project management services, (covering project, risk and bid management training, audit and support) focused on the IT and mobile phone Sectors.

Risk Performance Ltd is able to provide first class consultancy to clients based on many years experience in relevant roles at senior levels.

Risk Performance Ltd is backed by a professional team in related fields such as computer hardware and professional software supply, computer tools training and personnel/human resource procedures and management

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