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Welcome to Risk Performance Ltd

Risk Performance Ltd specialises in helping organisations develop, implement and improve their risk management practices.

Risk Management is widely acknowledged as a key business skill from whatever your perspective,

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Do you have risk management practices and are they delivering the expected benefits?
Do you have any of these?:

Is the culture of your organisation supportive of risk management?
Are you applying risk management rigorously or paying lip service to it?
Do you know how well risk management is embedded in your organisation?
Are you having trouble making the practices stick?

Risk Performance can help you answer these questions, identify areas for improvement, advise and help write risk management documentation, help plan risk management implementation and provide impartial advice on selecting risk management tools and techniques.


Risk Performance brings consultancy and training services backed by registered consultants in the Management_of_Risk® (Management_of_Risk® is a registered trade mark of the UK Government's Office of Government Commerce) and with over 15 years experience in applying risk management principles and the use of risk management tools, we have an excellent track record.
For the managers at these perspectives, it identifies:

The Management_of_Risk® (M_o_R®) Foundation and Practitioner Qualification

This qualification is accredited by the APM Group and is rapidly gaining acceptance as the premier risk management qualification. It covers risk management from an organisation's strategic, operational, programme and project perspectives.

So you've passed your M_o_R ® exam, now what?

Congratulations on passing the M_o_R® exam! We know how challenging this is - we've done it too! Now you want to put the learning into practice. Risk Performance director Keith Gray is a Management_of_Risk® Registered Consultant accredited by The APM Group. He can help and support you in introducing and implementing risk management so that your organisation is better able to achieve its objectives. Keith is working in collaboration with John Humphries to publish a preparation guide for the Management_of_Risk® examinations.

Keith is also working collaboratively with Heather Groom to provide business estimating and risk analysis services.

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